Reading Comes First at OWL


Reading Comes First at OWL

Here at the One World Literacy Foundation we believe that literacy is the root to all education. In fact, education is the best instrument for creating a successful future. Literacy is first and foremost a simple right that all people are worthy of. When people have an opportunity to acquire essential literacy skills, nations grow more quickly and poverty declines. Every person deserves the opportunity to receive a good education.

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Helping Schools

The One World Literacy Foundation is dedicated to provide all schools with the tools necessary to teach their students to read effectively. O.W.L. works directly with public, private and charter schools to provide them with core curriculum aligned reading tools covering grades Pre-K through 5. We know that of all the 4th graders in the US, only 1/3 are able to read this page proficiently. This is why good quality early education tools are so important.

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Helping Parents

We all know that education stems out much further than what is being taught in the classroom. We know education also stems from learning at home. And we know that as a parent or guardian who sees their child struggling to learn to read at school we want to take matters into our own hands. Never before in history have parents been forced to seek out quality lerning tools like they do today. The One World Literacy Foundation is here to support those parents. O.W.L. works directly with any interested party (such as parents, guardians, family, friends, public library's and businesses) to give them free access to the much needed learning tools to help their loved ones.

learning disabilities
Learning Disabilities

Estimates show that perhaps 97% of the world’s 650 million learning disabled persons are unable to read or write. O.W.L. is making significant efforts throughout the world to ensure that those with disabilities have equal access to the best learning tools available. O.W.L. can now help adolescents and adults who would otherwise be left behind. We proudly support all people with disabilities of any kind by providing free access to learning tools that are proven to help.

Our programs have already helped people with the below learning disabilities and hope to help others whatever challenges they may have:

  • ADD - ADHD
  • APD
  • Asperger’s
  • Autism
  • Down Syndrome
  • Dyslexia
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Williams Syndrome

teenagers and adults
Teenagers & Adults

The U.S. Department of Education issued an estimate of the literacy skills of adults in their National Assessment of Adult Literacy. Performance is rated on the following scale: Below Basic, Basic, Intermediate and Proficient. Overall, it is estimated that 93 million U.S. adults have Basic and Below Basic literacy skills. This study and others found:

  • Adults living in poverty were more likely to have lower average literacy scores than adults with higher incomes.
  • Half of the adults who did not have a high school diploma performed in the Below Basic levels.
  • Seniors and the elderly over age 65 had the lowest average literacy scores of any age range, with 64 percent performing in the Basic and Below Basic levels.
  • The more than one million incarcerated adults in the nation had lower average literacy scores than adults in households on nearly every comparable scale (age, gender, educational attainment level, ethnicity)
  • Foreign-born adults who came to the United States at age 19 or older are more likely to have lower English literacy skills than those who came at age 11 or younger.

At no cost the One World Literacy Foundation is here to provide all adults with the learning tools they need.

Literacy skills impact every aspect of adult life. Adults who are more literate are more likely to:

  • Read to their children and discuss school topics;
  • Be employed full time and receive a higher income;
  • Use the Internet and email;
  • Vote, volunteer, and access information about current local and national events.
  • And more...


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