Unlike other non profit organizations, O.W.L. is forthcoming in letting donors and those with an interest in our organization have a complete understanding of the money that is donated to us and the way that those funds are used. We operate as a non profit organization for literacy. With non profit status, we have the ability to operate with tax exemption, which gives us more funding to work with to accomplish our goals. 

The One World Literacy Foundation’s financial statements provide various financial information that is used to evaluate O.W.L. financial performance and use of funds.

O.W.L. believes in 100% transparency and that by publishing its financial statements, Management can communicate with interested outside parties about its accomplishments running the company. Different financial statements such as focus on different areas of financial performances as seen below including insurance coverage and real estate ventures.

We hope that by providing you with the various financial reports that reflect how we operate our organization, we will be able to share with others what we are trying to accomplish and how we are working to meet our goals. We also want to encourage as many donors as possible to donate with a visa or mastercard to our non profit organization. In addition to making donors more comfortable with their contribution to our cause, it can also have benefits to you when you file your personal taxes. Those individuals who itemize deductions on their tax return and also donate to non profit organizations may be able to receive an automatic deduction.

We understand that no one wants to take a chance that their donation is not being used to benefit the cause for which it was given. By offering complete transparency of our finances, you can see that we use every dollar available to us to provide the tools that are needed to help to eliminate illiteracy.

  • Annual Report: Coming Soon
  • Audit Report: Coming Soon
  • Washington D.C. Salary Surveys
    Form 990: Coming Soon
    • 2012: Coming Soon
  • 501(c)3 Foundation Approval:AIP Rating: Coming Soon
  • 1 for 1 Model Audit Opinion: Coming Soon


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