Digital World Literacy


Digital World Literacy


digital world literacy iconThe One World Literacy Foundation understands that rapid technology advancements are changing the scenery of literacy and education. By accepting and using technology we are able to touch more people than ever before. This allows us to provide a very cost-effective reading program to the global literacy community.

At OWL we have found that students can attain vital literacy skills up to 40% more quickly when using a computer than without. Children around the world drift towards technology. By making learning fun & interactive, it follows that children will be encouraged to attend school and work harder.

We understand that the future of education and learning is becoming more and more dependent on digital technology. The One World Literacy Foundation understands that vast effort needs to be made to ensure all communities are not left behind which is why the reading tools we offer are supported by the NCLB. If we make effective use of the advantages shaped by new technologies, then we will have an important tool to help improve world literacy rates. Currently we support the distribution of three key digital products:

  • ClickN READ Phonics
  • ClickN SPELL
  • Looney Tunes Phonics




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